I’m a researcher in Computational Humanities and Cultural Evolution at Amsterdam’s Meertens Institute, affiliated with the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. I study the intricacies of cultural change and experiment with methods to quantify cultural diversity and complexity. A significant aspect of my research is understanding and accounting for biases in these quantifications. I like to use computational models from fields such as Machine Learning, Cultural Evolution, and Ecology to aid these investigations. Beyond research, I have a passion for teaching computer programming, especially within the Humanities context. Together with Mike Kestemont and Allen Riddell, I published the book “Humanities Data Analysis” with Princeton University Press, which guides readers on leveraging Python for analyzing Humanities data. Check out the open access edition here!

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Notebooks accumulation bias chao1 chao2 collection diversity emacs FAD folktales functional gtd heterogeneity hill-numbers history homogeneity incidence jupyter loss org-mode pymc3 python rarefaction regression replacement richness sampling semantics shakespeare shared-richness similarity turing unseen-species voc zelterman
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